UPDATE 3/22/2017: I have recently started driving for UBER during a bit of down time, so since I'm putting car #15, my 2011 Nissan Juke, at grave risk, perhaps it would be best to document its status for my ever-more-complicated car history.

UPDATE 3/25/2009: Car #14, a 1998 Nissan Pathfinder, was acquired way back in November. I finally got around to adding it here. It's just a winter ride & not very exciting; perhaps what I wrote about it is exciting?

UPDATE 4/5/2008: Lucky car #13 was added today. Behold the staggering foolhardiness of my 2005 Corvette!

UPDATE 7/1/2006: Welcome to my oily, creaky, clunkity garage full of motorized mistakes and almost-coffins, dear gentle traveler. If you thought the grossly self-aware History of my Mullet made my whole life look like one big trainwreck, get ready for the real deal now. These pages are a sort of sequel to the Hair History, or more accurately (but without any Acuras, yet), "sister pages," since so much of my mulletudinous mulletiousness went hand in hand with all the cock-rokkin' cars vrooming herein. Ya know, you just can't wreck this many cars without having a mullet half your life. And with so many of the cars in question having been Camaros too, well then. Every car insurance agent who ever covered me should be taken out back and monkey-raped.

Now, don't you go lookin' for technical specs or a lotta shop talk here, because after reading a few of these pages oughtta tell you, I know even less about cars than I do about women. That said though, it's a good thing the informational highway of the internet has so many lanes, because otherwise, these pages would surely clog it up, since 1) people WUV umop.com to tears, and 2) there ain't nothing at all people like more than "looking for bodies" after a recent car accident, and no fewer than HALF of the TWELVE CARS I've driven since 1987 have been in at least one accident, of my OWN FAULT.

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Sept. 1987
1962 Lancer
June 1988
1970 VW Bug
July 1990
1986 Camaro
Aug. 1993
1993 Camaro
Sept. 1996
1983 Ford van

Nov. 1996
1992 3000GT
Apr. 1997
1992 Expo
Oct. 1997
1982 Camaro
Aug. 1998
1995 Stealth
May 2001
2001 RAV4

Jan. 2005
2002 Camaro
Aug. 2005
2003 Murano
Apr. 2008
2005 Corvette
Nov. 2008
1998 Pathfinder
Nov. 2014
2011 Juke

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