Car #3: June 1990 - Aug. 1993
1986 Chevy Camaro


I was a successful business owner at the nubile age of 20, and wanted a fast car with a standard transmission I could destroy. I took my first Camaro, bald tires and all, on a 4,000 mile trek out to Colorado, *during a blizzard.* Let me tell you, these cars aren't for sleeping in, and we were stuck in a truck stop for 29 hours waiting for Route 80 to re-open. I also got caught by a security guard while I was messing around with my girlfriend in the college parking lot, and drove home with my pants around my ankles, laughing like a hyena. Those were OK memories.

And now for the bad. I was so hard on the transmission, after only a year enough metal filings clogged up the gears to make the car grind to a screeching halt in the middle of the highway! Luckily it was at night and there was no one around to plow into me at 75 MPH. And then there was the time I took a corner too fast (naturally), and drove over a stop sign. I also think this was the car I rear-ended some dude going 1 or 2 MPH in a McDonald's parking lot, and he SUED for $15,000 in lost wages due to whiplash. It was right out of a crummy Brady Bunch episode.

DAMAGE INFLICTED: Ground gears into smithereens, cracked front fender

Copyright 2006 David C. Lovelace