Car #4: Aug. 1993 - Sept. 1996
1993 Chevy Camaro


OK, so standard trannies aren't such a great idea when it's becoming clear that my driving skills aren't good. I sold the '86 and bought a BRAND NEW CAR, this time with an automatic. I had my eye on the new Camaro all year, and just went for it. I had a new job as a CD-ROM animator, and rent was cheap since I had a roommate, so despite $200/month insurance rates, I was still somehow able to afford the monthlies on this pearly purple pal. We drove it out to Colorado too, and it performed swimmingly. It remains one of the nicest cars I ever had, and I owned it during a very financially sound time of my life.

Unfortunately, those times were about to end...

DAMAGE INFLICTED: None, believe it or not

Copyright 2006 David C. Lovelace