Car #7: Apr. 1997 - Nov. 1997
1992 Mitsubishi Expo


This is the only picture I could find of the car I traded down to. It was still a '92, still a Mitsubishi, but now it was something called an "Expo" which I basically got bullied into by the dealer. The truly painful thing was that I ended up only saving $100 per month on car payments: high-$400s for the 3000GT, and high-$300s for this puke green booger-wagon. Why? Because I was so in the RED on the last car that trading it in was the equivalent of putting NEGATIVE DOLLARS down.

Anyway, a month later, I filed for bankruptcy. I made a total of two car payments on this thing and waited around for them to repo it just in time for the holidays. But in the short time I had it, I did plenty of damage to it, including a 3AM incident involving "rubbing" with some college pricks trying to cut me off. They all got out of the car afterwards, and one of them had a bat. I immediately decided that fighting wasn't the answer (why can't we all be peaceful souls?), and hastily booger-wagon'ed my way back home.

DAMAGE INFLICTED: Bashed up driver's side; broken side hatch on passenger side; rear hatch handle rusted & fell off; got repossessed twice (once by Satan)

Copyright 2006 David C. Lovelace