Car #12: Aug. 2005 - Apr. 2008
2003 Nissan Murano


After moving out of the house into a dumpy apartment here in Middletown CT, I figured, well, even though I'm single, I should probably get something that actually can handle Connecticut winters. I was also planning another 4,000-mile drive out to Colorado (which I never did, sadly). This magnificent orange chariot of Japanese fire is my latest acquisition and so help me God, I sure hope it's my last for a long time (UPDATE 4/5/2008: Definitely not the case of course), especially since my next car will be unlucky #13 and that can't be good considering my luck thus far.

Check out the cool navigation computer off to the right. It has saved me about a million headaches already, especially since I've been taking it up to Rhode Island every weekend to visit my new girlfriend.

Incidentally, living in a congested area like this means you will get into car accidents a lot. I'm hoping of course that none of them will be my fault, like the time in November I got rear-ended by a massive snow plow truck. The repairs went fine, but then I went and backed into a concrete post immediately afterwards, and the damage can still be seen. It would cost me $1000 to replace, but not only do I want these webpages to stand for all time as a testimony to two decades of dumbness, but for the same reason, I'll keep this cracked fender too. At least, for as long as it takes for someone else in this damn town to rear-end me again.

DAMAGE INFLICTED: Replaced rear hatch; cracked rear fender

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