Car #10: May 2001 - Aug. 2004
2001 Toyota RAV4


This was going to the the tenth and final car in my Car History, for a long, long time. Toyotas are reliable, and since I had found myself somehow in a marriage with stepkids, it was time to trade the Stealth in (with almost exactly 111,111 miles on it now) for a safe, fun, semi-snazzy family wagon to cruise through what I hoped would be an incident-free adulthood.

Sadly, this was just not the case.

Everyone who knows me knows the story about how on a Friday the 13th, in August of 2004, I slid sideways in the rain, into a telephone pole, badly breaking (indeed, almost losing) my left leg. It was an upsetting thing of course, but I was also pissed because this car had so much life left in it. Toyotas are so reliable that they regularly make it 200,000 miles and more, but I only took it about a third that distance.

I don't have any pics from the wreck (I actually don't have any of the car at all, even after three years of driving it!), but the one off to the right here is pretty doggone close.


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