(unreleased) 2003
Running time 57:18

An amalgam of scratch tracks collected from 1997 through 2003. Watch this space for the exclusive upcoming internet-only collection!

You could almost call this would-be album a direct sequel to umop apisdn, since it was produced in exactly the same way. I used my trusty JD-800 played live alongside the sequences of the O1/W. However, a few of these tracks were castoffs, secondary in my favor compared to those tracks included with umop apisdn, and removed for length restriction. So you could consider a few of these as "C-side" tracks from that album.

Most of them however were made in the early '00s, some just for fun, and some as an effort to create tracks for a still-unreleased formal third album. The better endeavors may yet resurface as full studio recordings, but until then, your ear is welcome to check them out in their current early mutations.

Track Track Listing Length
1 Another Time (5:30)
2 Obnoxygen (6:26)
3 Tentative (3:16)
4 Aegenda (5:30)
5 White Hole (4:45)
6 Skycab (6:37)
7 O Face (5:19)
8 The Bead (5:04)
9 Quotient (4:19)
10 Opinicus (5:59)
11 Visceral - bonus track (4:27)

Copyright © 2003 David C. Lovelace