Visit the Entropics!
Released 15-Dec-2000
Running time 54:13

Produced at Redshift Digital Audio, this CD features very lush soundscapes, rich textures, and the same sort of million-note instrumental madness you can expect from Parallax!

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Track Track Listing Length
1 Entropy (5:42)
2 Ryu (6:16)
3 Zymurgy (6:06)
4 Secret Space (4:58)
5 Ties That Bind (3:56)
6 Third Rail (4:31)
7 Demonosaur (7:01)
8 Umlaut (4:41)
9 Spiroid (4:53)
X Hapax Legomenon (6:19)

Copyright © 2000 David C. Lovelace