Sometimes Y
(unreleased) 2010
Running time 62:59

Another exclusive collection of tracks from 2004 through 2010 (and beyond?), to all come online in the not-too-distant future. Many of these songs are still in the progress of being completed, hence many of them have "version numbers" in their titles and a few dead spots here and there. FUN! :o) Further, some of these songs (High Time and Inner Conflicts) were originally written in the early '90s! Check whatever MP3s available here out while you can; they will likely be replaced as they get upgraded!

Although a few of these tracks are scratchpad works done exclusively in Garage Band, most others contain a TON of varied synths I have owned over the years (some only for a matter of weeks). All these tunes otherwise contain a lot of fun solos and interesting compositions, and offer unusual glimpses into the creative process of Parallax! You'll also find two cover songs here which were a lot of fun to make, plus the infamous 1980s Keyboard Solo Medley seen on YouTube a few hundred thousand times...

Track Track Listing Length
1 The Gauntlet 1.1 - First Wave (6:00)
2 High Time 2.2 (5:47)
3 Iapetus (4:18)
4 The Devil Went Down to Jupiter - (see lyrics) (3:24)
5 Deuterium (6:18)
6 Inner Conflicts 3.0 (7:57)
7 Go Insane 0.2 (5:06)
8 Seventh Edge 1.0 (7:03)
9 Sex & Violence 1.0 (3:47)
10 Sideways 1.0 (4:25)
11 Science (2:51)
12 1980s Keyboard Solo Medley (4:27)

Copyright © 2010 David C. Lovelace