Korg 01/W FD




I've had this relatively archaic keyboard since 1991, and it has been with me to Hell and back. You wouldn't know it to look at it though, since it's still in inexplicably great condition. The sounds inside this impossible-to-repair tank (I replaced a few keys on it, and it took friggin' forever) mix very well with a live sound, but its lack of subtractive-style analog modeling certainly limits its tonal buffet. The reason why I've had it so long is this: after sequencing on it for a decade, I've got this towering heapload of *floppy disks* (hence the "FD" in the name) with dozens and dozens of sequences over the years, not readily readable by any other means. So until I translate all this shizz to General MIDI & dump it into Garage Band (or whatever), I'm stuck playing 'em on the 01/W. I even got a USB floppy drive to interface with my Mac, but it's not recognizing it, so I'm kinda stuck.

Still, I give this board three stars for its ease of use and overall reliability, outdated is it might otherwise be. You can hear the best possible parts of this keyboard, and my Roland JD-800, all over my first Parallax CD "umop apisdn." Its soundscape is... limited to say the least. I have recently described it to a friend as a cross between a Turbo Grafix 16 system and the "Seinfeld" theme song. The MP3 sound sample is part of the actual sequence of a track called "Tetrahedron," with some decidedly vulgar wanking dominating the mix. I made it especially to torture you.

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