Hooray, here's another massive pile of crap for you to take all day going through. As much free time as you've got, my friend, I'll fill it with useless time-killing content here on umop.com! This time, it's scanned (mostly; newer ones are better digital ones) photos of me and people in my life from the last 37 years. Sure, this is only about one millionth the amount of pictures I could actually share, and it's a very rare occurance indeed that I might do so here. Maybe someday we'll have the kind of bandwidth on umop.com to gobble up for my whole damned album. Until then, gentle voyeur, peek and behold these selected pink innards of my lifemeats.

UPDATE 4/12/2011:
Here's THE LATEST PHOTO! (click thumbnail to see it!)

Photo Archives
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Me at 16, doing my best Christopher Lloyd.

My first car: 1962 Dodge Lancer

First car only lasted 3 months; next up: '70 Bug

Me and my brother Steve

Good vintage pic of Steve; look for a Roland TR-505; Rush, Garfield, + D&D books, and a record player!

Early gear porn: Juno-106, Ensoniq Mirage, Alesis HR-16, and Steve dressed as Debbie Gibson?


More vintage gear porn: Ensoniq ESQ-1, Roland D-50, and an Apple ][+??

Dear God, not the Zubaz pants.

At the planning meeting for my 5-year high school reunion

Looky! Four keyboards (D-50, Korg M1, Ensoniq SQ-1, and Roland JX-8P!), a red dinner jacket, and matching red parachute pants. The '80s were far from over

Here's me again looking like a purple retard at Vail, Colorado

The year I started working at Funnybone, Interactive. Pic shows my bosses & my friend Andy standing next to Satan (a.k.a. "Mooky")


Here's my '70s/'80s cover band, "Goodhead." Yeah yeah, I know

I first met Picozzi for this WHCN "Live Lunch Luau" gig. Here's him and Slave Boy sitting in for a ZZ Top song

Then I was in a surf rock band for a couple years (as a drummer??)

The "K" stands for Sober

Me in a leather trenchcoat.

At a "Who's Line" improv party, Andy displayed superpowers on Pete (the voice of Bungi!)


My old house in Unionville, CT

This little cutey's name is Niamh (half border collie, half aussie, all alien)

Matt, an angora bunny

Short-lived band Meltdown; Chris (to my left) and I later formed CO2 which still rokks out today
Jan. 1, 2002

While hanging with CO2 on and off, I also formed '80s band Plastica with Steve!
March, 2002

Plastica's first gig: Cargo's Cafe in East Windsor, CT

May, 2002

Here's Plastica playing in our office parking lot, celebrating everyone's layoff (true story)
Oct. 31, 2002

For Halloween we wore Devo buckets
Oct. 31, 2002

Steve and his mighty vintage Simmons rig!
Summer 2002

The last pic of me with Steve and both our parents ever taken
Nov., 2002

Me in Punta Cana interviewing a local; I was an intern on WCCC's afternoon show with Picozzi
Aug., 2003

Hooked up with Drew himself for some beers, while visiting Kentucky

Dec., 2003

Matt looking very spherical
March, 2004

Playing out with CO2
July, 2004

Promotional band photo
Feb., 2005

Me with two wildly expensive Roland Jupiter-8 vintage synths
March, 2005

Gigging with CO2; gearlust: Access Indigo, Nord Lead 2X, Moog T-shirt, and a $50 hairdo
June, 2005

Rob (left) and my brother and I have picked up where we left off in '94, writing drunkypants prog rock.

Memorial Day,

Finally a new family pic! Me, Steve, Mom+Dad, Steve's wife Jen (far left), and his kids, in-laws, and cat!
July, 2005

Transitional periods suck. Here's what moving a carload of keyboards looks like.
July, 2005

I won this last year by making this entry for a contest. I was worried it wouldn't fit in the new place...
August, 2005

Cracking down on the RAB14 storyboard, the only way I know how.
October, 2005

Another pic in the new studio, showing keyboards & Alphabots paintings!
Halloween, 2005

Breaking out the
RK-100 for my '80s costume this year. With drinking buddy Rhino from WCCC.


It is uncontested that I peaked at the age of one. This pic's getting pretty old and cracked, just like I am.
October, 2006

Recording the PONG demo at The Coffeehouse, on 8 keyboards!

Posing with John Petrucci after attending his guitar clinic.

Posing with Terry Bozzio after attending his drum clinic. What, no synth clinics?

Taken by my friend Les very close to the day we were all laid off by McGraw-Hill.

A monumentally important pic with my first keyboard: an air organ. I couldn't play yet, but I was definitely already tweaking.

May 1, 2007

All set up in my new place in Warwick, RI.
May 31, 2007

Laurie and I met the one and only "Weird Al" backstage after his show in Waterbury, CT!
July 3, 2007

My Gold Record! OK, it's Weird Al's Gold Record. But I got one for the video on it. Yay!
Sept. 26, 2007

Disco trying out his new all-analog keytar.
Nov. 1, 2007
Penny Lovelace
Feb. 1, 1982 - Nov. 1 2007
Yep, 25 years old.
Nov. 30, 2007
Dusty Lovelace
The latest addition: a Himalayan kitten! Here's two more photos!

April 26, 2008

Playing a synth.com modular at AHNE2008 using a Haken Continuum controller. Neato!
April 26, 2008

Another pic from AHNE2008, this time playing on a couple of my own toys!
Aug. 31, 2008

Few things are more magnificently obscene as my brother's giant red DIY Simmons drum cage made of PVC pipes, painted to resemble the infamous "Frankenstein" Van Halen guitar. This is the new official Plastica drumset!
Apr. 7, 2009

Cool shot of Trent Reznor being interviewed on Digg, with the Fu**ing Fu**er clearly shown.
Apr. 12, 2011

Here's a picture of me as a Lego guy, clearly performing "Too Much Time On My Hands" by Styx.

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