Korg RK-100



(NO SOUND SAMPLE - MIDI controller only)

Look at this horrendous hunk of rhinocerous excrement! Can you believe I actually played this thing in a band once? I rang in New Years' 1997 by playing songs like "Jump" on this thing (the band was called [shudder] "Goodhead"). It's got no velocity or touch sensitivity at all, so everything you play on this MIDI controller sounds like utter crapola, I don't care how Godlike or Goodhead-like you can play. It runs on a 9V battery and isn't too heavy. There's eight buttons for switching patches, which was perfect for the Roland JD-800 I connected it to. There was also an octave up/down button and funny little pitch bender wheel. It functioned OK and was reliable enough, I guess. I shouldn't be too hard on it. I'm too hard on my Korgs, aren't I?

I painted stupid shit all over it in 1992. I loved it at the time (even put a button on its gay purple strap saying "VOTE FOR DAVE"). Now it's just this turd of a conversation piece that many people continue to insist that I should dust off and actually use in public again one day. These people are stinky and bad.

UPDATE 6/1/2010: SOLD in Sept. 2008 in order to purchase a Roland Axis-1, which eventually became the AXISTRON!

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