Eric Barbour, a.k.a. Metasonix, is up to no damn good again. I created art for Eric's TX-2 Butt Probe manual, and the graphics & manual for the TM-7 Scrotum Smasher. And now, the latest piece of hardware I did creative production for... well... I just don't know what to say.

UPDATE 01/16/2008: But now I get to try & say it. As a tease, I posted new daily puzzle pieces, slowly revealing the exceedingly lewd image on its 3" by 20" front panel (usually one per day, occasionally two). But as of today I can drop all the mystique, since Eric already has a page up for the new object d'FART: a $5000 23-tube amplifier called "the FUCKING FUCKER."

Bloggers and online fans of Eric's otherwise all did a swift job of piecing the puzzle together, and I greatly enjoyed following all of it. Just for them, here's a high-res digital image of the front panel itself (taken from my source file, not a photograph), featuring 21 nude models pleasuring Puppy (from Retarded Animal Babies, of course) exactly 56 different ways, using whatever hands, feet, boobs, or miscellaneous holes available. It's completely wrongy-wrong-wrong, and I sincerely hope it doesn't cause Eric and his whole Metasonix booth to get booted out of the NAMM show building this weekend in Anaheim by interposing prudes.

RAB fans will also be amused to see Puppy molesting a couple of guitars in various ways, just above the row of knobs. These knob labels actually tell a little (very little) narrative, where Puppy receives one guitar & has his way with it, but then is ultimately subsumed by a second, more blackerer and evil-er guitar.

I had great fun working on this little side-project last month, and got one of the nameplates to hang on my wall as a souvenir. I hope Eric's usual customers (among them being U2, Nine Inch Nails, Aphex Twin, Hans Zimmer, and many more notables) all buy him out and proudly display my filth in their respective studios!

Copyright (c)2008 David C. Lovelace and Eric Barbour