I am thoroughly titillated to have provided artwork for several wonderfully yellow & horrendous products for METASONIX. This is a gloriously bent company which produces boutique products for professional musicians, producers, or audio monkeys otherwise. Eric Barbour, chief instigator of its ear-bleeding goodness, founded Metasonix under the ruling premise that WRONG = RIGHT. He fabricates his knobby painboxes out of NOS vacuum tubes not specifically meant for audio processing, with results which are invariably resultant in all of the following side effects: soul diarrhea, brain herpes, and a general feeling of being watched (by hungry shit demons).

Eric, being of a particularly deviant mind, took quite a shine to my Retarded Animal Babies animations somewhere along the line, and struck up a few deals to license RAB art to not only hawk his evil wares, but even to decorate them. I am very happy to be a part of a company widely hated in the music industry, wearing its shock value on its sleeve, and producing products so keenly offensive to mainstream sensibilities. These are the core premises of RAB too, after all, so I couldn't have chosen a better partnership.

Click a thumbnail for the goods:

Butt Probe

Lots of custom RAB art for the manual! Check it out!
Scrotum Smasher

Panel art and most of the manual writing too!
Fucking Fucker

$5000 guitar amplifier from Hell!
The Assblaster

Multi-effect system built out of a tackle box!

Twat Different.

Copyright (C) 1999 - 2009 David C. Lovelace and Eric Barbour