TX-2 Butt Probe
Sound samples & more info on Metasonix product page!

My first freelance work for Metasonix was the follow-up to the TX-1 Agonizer pedal. This newer box clearly was designed not to mince pretense, and was therefore smeared in fecal matter and given a tagline inviting you to shove it up your ass.

At the outset, it is for all purposes a distortion processor, designed to boost gain and add noisome effects to your crappy guitar playing. What it's not supposed to do is to make you sound any better. It's meant to piss in your ear canal and make you wish you learned a more useful hobby.

This pedal had already gone into production when Eric decided that he really wanted to smear it up to an even filthier degree. So, instead of providing panel art (as in later products), I provided eight comic art renderings for the manual. These ridiculously sleazy drawings all feature the five RAB characters committing various unspeakable acts. It was a shame that only 100 of these pedals were made (sold out within a few months), so that therefore only 100 pairs of eyes got to see the artwork done for the manual. But NOW... you can actually see these exclusive works for your very own sense of ill-being, right here on umop.com! They are shamefully, shamefully naughty. Seeing them carries a very real risk of terrific unease, and a desire to never look at breasts again. DO YOU REALLY WANT THAT??? Trod onward then, gutsy adventurer.

David C. Lovelace officially recommends that you do not ever look at these drawings. Thanks!

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Copyright (C) 2005 David C. Lovelace and Eric Barbour