Here's something I'm doing for Hartford Connecticut's #1 rock station, 106.9 WCCC! Since I was once an on-air intern (they call me "Kroeger"), and am still invited to their parties and orgies, they've hired me to draw monthly-ish color cartoons for ads appearing in full color in a local paper -- the oldest in CT -- called the "Journal Inquirer," and as of 2007, the renowned Hartford Advocate (albeit in Black & White). Just another yummy little nugget of semi-pseudo-quasi-fame...

UPDATE 12/21/09:
Here's THE LATEST WCCC comic!

WCCC Comic Archives
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Episode 1, 11/02

The first toon was made just for fun. I was interning there and was hoping to land the ad cartoon gig (took a year, but it happened).
Episode 2, 12/25/02

Christmas edition; made as a gift to the station. It was on their website for a li'l while.
Episode 3, 2/14/03

Another gift, this time for V.D. Picozzi hated it; it never even made the WCCC webpage!
Daily concept 1

The first of three 'trial toons,' so the station could finally decide to use me or not (they did!). This one's a Halloween offering featuring swollen and exploding heads.
Daily concept 2

The toons were to appear in the Sports Section, so I tried my hand at sports humor.
Daily concept 3

Here's this toon's color version which was the first to get printed in the J.I.!

The "lost" Clock Episode, 10/09/03

My actual first effort for the J.I. Not surprisingly, Picozzi went with the one with the bunnies.
$3000 Threesome Thursday, 11/01/03

I seriously bust on Rhino in this one.
Mo' Money Monday, 1/26/04

A little Superbowl humor. Very little.
Win a Rock From the Rock, 2/14/04

I pull funny poopie out of my bum-bum. When did I eat peanuts?
$106 Secret Word, 3/20/04

J.I. readers get rewarded a delicious $106 prize.
$106 Secret Word, Mother's Day 2004

Featuring Picozzi's bearded mother and Rube being even less intelligent than usual.

$106 Secret Word, June 2004

They didn't give me much to go on with this episode. This'll teach 'em.
$106 Secret Word, July 4, 2004

Atkin's Diet humor.
Rhino's Birthday Card, 7/30/04

This is unpublished; made solely for Rhino. Don't YOU wish you were my friend?
$3000 Threesome Thursday, 9/17/04

My first creative "thing" that I've done after sitting on my broken-legged ass for around a month.
Mo' Money Monday
Halloween 2004

Halloween fun with the Three Unwise Men. The station went with this Mike Karolyi version instead.
Free Money Friday
Thanksgiving 2004

Get stuffed with turkey and free money from The Rock!

Happy Holidays 2004

I was originally gonna draw all 50 (approx.) employees, but they wouldn't all fit. :-p
Mo' Money Monday, 2/26/05

New to the show are Miss Klonk and Holden Johnson! Rube's gone bye-bye...we'll miss him!
St. Patty's Day, 2005

Yep, there really is a Leprechaun interning for WCCC...
Rock Cats Flyer
Spring, 2005

Re-tooling of the Holiday comic for this 8x11 ad (later revised, but I like this version!)
30 Years of Rock
May 7, 2005

I'll freely admit it; I just wanted to draw Rhino with an afro.
Wheel of Four Tunes
May 26, 2005

This was 90% written by Picozzi. The 10% proved really challenging.

Watch, Listen
& Win!
June 4, 2005

Wouldn't you rather be in Cancun than Connecticut? Here's the first version of this toon.
Mo' Money Monday
Sept. 9, 2005

Look at me, already ripping off jokes from old unpublished toons!
$106 at 1:06
Oct. 8, 2005

A rare appearance by elusive daytime DJ Mike Karolyi.
Lance Christian!
Nov. 5, 2005

Sebastian's coming back to WCCC in January!
Mo' Money Monday
Dec. 10, 2005

Santa and Picozzi could be twins!
Holiday comic
Dec. 25, 2005

The big annual group-shot comic! Updated 3/29/06 for this full-page Hardford Advocate ad!

Mo' Money Monday
May 13, 2006

Wow, five months since a WCCC comic. Had to put boobies in there for the occasion.
$606.06 on 06-06-06
June 6, 2006

The last panel was deemed "too egghead," so it ended up your basic "no more decaf" gag for print. I like this version better.
$1000 Thursday
Sept. 1, 2006

Holden came out looking a bit Stimpy-like in this one.
Nothin' but 90s
Nov. 4th, 2006

An idea "borrowed" from Seinfeld...
Holiday comic
Dec. 25, 2006

Headhots on Holiday cards. What could be simpler? I can think of a lot of things, since this comic took over 20 hours to produce...
Mo' Money Month
Jan. 17, 2007

Picozzi had *nothing* for me to go on except, "do something with bacon." Hey man, that's all I need.

Free Gas Friday
May 13, 2007

A little commentary on how far gasoline can take you now versus 50 years ago (and versus 50 years from now!).
Free Gas Friday
Sept. 25, 2007

Still givin' away that free gas, but what if it was Helium?
Free Gas Friday
Nov. 8, 2007

With all these gas-related promos, and with the holiday season upon us, a beef log gag was inevitable.
Holiday comic
Christmas, 2007

An ever-increasing staff (not that kind) at the Rock means no room for little else but floating heads for holiday group shots. Or at best, heads on hooks.
Mo' Money Monday
Jan. 22, 2008

Eat donuts, talk wiff your mouff full, and freak out, man.
$300 Threesome Thursday
V.D., 2008

The emotional side of Picozzi (or lack thereof) is revealed this Valentine's Day.

Free Money Friday
April 19, 2008

Celebrating springtime with the God-given glory of free cash. Hooray!
Free Gas Friday
May 10, 2008

Another quality contest from The Rock, this time giving away lots of free gas. So naturally, I gave Picozzi lots of gas.
Holiday Comic
Christmas, 2008

Super-realistic portraits of every single employee (49 total!) went into the grandaddy of all WCCC Holiday comics this year!
Holiday Comic
Christmas, 2009

After a long, slow year for WCCC with no budget for comic ads (including a holiday comic), I re-purposed last year's caricatures with this holiday-themed lampoon of their website.

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