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Today marks the 15th anniversary of Retarded Animal Babies! Today I wrote a NEWGROUNDS NEWS POST addressing the fans and discussing some of the more recent ideas concerning the series.


Today I'm happy to announce a new T-SHIRT DESIGN for the Bob Moog Foundation, called MOOGSAIC. It's a really nifty portrait of Bob Moog comprised of 250 tiny synthesizers & modules. There's a rather large BLOG POST on the Foundation's (incredibly deep) website, describing the artistic process in insufferable detail.


Check out this great short film, BATTLE ON THE BREAKWALL. It's very fun to watch, and based on one of my RPS game variants, RPS-15. There is no audio at all except for a very retro-cool synthwave soundtrack. I loved it!


Just a quick update to let Parallax fans know that ALL of my past tracks (there's something like 75!) are available for free download over on my ReverbNation page. I would still absolutely love to sell you a CD, but if you're strapped for cash, I've still got you covered! Enjoy the music, over 25 years in the making.


It's been an amazingly cool year at my cat-Photoshopping Facebook page CAT LAZERS, which celebrates its first birthday today with almost 40,000 followers. Happy Lazerian Independence Day! Maybe by next year it'll have hit the 100,000 mark, and maybe even sold a T-shirt.


Strap in for a new 9-minute long YOUTUBE VIDEO for Keyboard Solo Medley: Chapter II, the potentially but improbably anticipated sequel to one of my very first videos, the unfortunately low-quality but somewhat kickass 1980s Keyboard Solo Medley.


Here's a new YOUTUBE VIDEO performance of the Parallax song White Hole.


Here's an uncalled-for bonus PACKRAT COMIC, where after two years, our hero brings home something from the Quantum realm!


For science, I wanted to see what kind of Parallax video I'd end up with while feeling incredibly loopy from taking the wrong kind of Robitussin in the middle of the day. So thanks to the debilitating (or perhaps abilitating?) effects of dextromethorphan, I bring you this TRILLION NOTE VERSION of "Fractal 1" from my 1998 CD umop apisdn.


The HISTORY OF MY CARS turns one decade old this year, so for a bit of an overdue update, I added my LATEST VEHICLE to it.


I made an update to my MUSIC page to include not only my current project, 1980s tribute band THE FUTURE HEAVIES, but also nostalgic links to EIGHT FORMER MUSIC PROJECTS!


Be sure to visit my new site CAT-SCRATCHES.COM where I've started offering CUSTOM DRAWINGS starting at $25 apiece, which includes a web friendly version and also (at your request) a printable hi-res 8x10 PDF file.