What the hell was wrong with Rock-Paper-Scissors as it was? Absolutely nothing. The real question is...what the hell is wrong with ME? Since there was already a 5-gesture variant using "Spock" and "Lizard" out there, I decided to try and come up with my own version using an unprecedented SEVEN gestures, just for (my definition of) fun.

UPDATE 1/3/2005: Today I decided to keep going.

These pages are living proof that you literally can find ANYTHING on the internet these days, including a freakin' NINE-GESTURE and mind-blitzkrieging ELEVEN-GESTURE variants of the now comparatively zen-like Rock-Paper-Scissors game.

Whatever joy a player might have from playing these games might be as abstract as the joy I had designing them. Maybe you and a friend might find pleasure in shrieking things like "SCISSORS STAB WOLF" or "DEVIL POSSESSES HUMAN" out in open public, while sticking obscure hand gestures in each other's faces. I'd be the last person to judge.

Incidentally, you can play any numbered variant using a triad, pentumvirate, and septumvirate (??) of gestures found within any of the larger matrices. For example, the original PAPER COVERS ROCK CRUSHES SCISSORS CUTS PAPER is found in all of my variants, plus you could play other simple triads like WOLF BITES DEVIL BREATHES FIRE BURNS WOLF using gestures found within RPS-11!

UPDATE 9/11/2005: RPS-15!

I cut to the chase and skipped RPS-13! With all the crap I've got going on, how the Hell did I have time to come up with another one of these things? Well, the answer is...I just plain blew everything else off. And it's such a nice day outside, too. My sense of priorities truly frightens me. I need to meditate now.

UPDATE 9/25/2005: Behold the Almighty RPS-25!

RPS-15 was such a hit, and I had so many good ideas from readers, I just had to wind everything up with this 300-outcome monstrosity. A nice finishing note too, since it's exactly one hundred times more complex than the original RPS game!

UPDATE 6/19/2006: Check out the new RPS-25 FLASH GAME!

UPDATE 10/6/2006: It took all year, but I went ahead and brought about the entropy of my mind by developing the latest, and I truly hope last, RPS variant. If you're ready for an enjoyable mind-melt, take a deep breath, set your monitor to its maximum resolution, and prepare to try and absorb the infinitely complex universe-devourer that is RPS-101!

UPDATE 10/19/2017: Enjoy this very entertaining short film BATTLE ON THE BREAKWALL, based 100% on RPS-15 and made by fans of the game. It is quite funny and very well made.

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