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Here's an uncalled-for bonus PACKRAT COMIC, where after two years, our hero brings home something from the Quantum realm!


For science, I wanted to see what kind of Parallax video I'd end up with while feeling incredibly loopy from taking the wrong kind of Robitussin in the middle of the day. So thanks to the debilitating (or perhaps abilitating?) effects of dextromethorphan, I bring you this TRILLION NOTE VERSION of "Fractal 1" from my 1998 CD umop apisdn.


The HISTORY OF MY CARS turns one decade old this year, so for a bit of an overdue update, I added my LATEST VEHICLE to it.


I made an update to my MUSIC page to include not only my current project, 1980s tribute band THE FUTURE HEAVIES, but also nostalgic links to EIGHT FORMER MUSIC PROJECTS!


Be sure to visit my new site CAT-SCRATCHES.COM where I've started offering CUSTOM DRAWINGS starting at $25 apiece, which includes a web friendly version and also (at your request) a printable hi-res 8x10 PDF file.


Brand new HTML5 version of my game SQUINX, programmed by Matt Johnson. Enjoy!


I've been doing a lot of useless crap lately, but thankfully my life is back on track now and I'm Photoshopping cats at my new page CAT LAZERS.


Wow! You're actually visiting! I didn't think anyone ever came here any more. This site's been around for 18 years now, and today (after abandoning the Anything Comics concept last month, because I'm crotchety) I've started another comic strip called HAMSTER PANTS. I have no idea if it will last or not (as of right now, I haven't even built a website for it yet), so I won't bother saying anything else about it, other than yes, it probably looks very familiar.

I also continue to upload the occasional YOUTUBE VIDEO. Link goes to the most recent one; a toy piano cover of "Cowboys From Hell" by Pantera. Yep, I'm definitely still taking the world by storm! Thanks for visiting!


Hi there, long time no nuthin'!

After the end of The Packrat comic strip early in 2015, and a few changes to my day job and residence (among other things), I sorta let lapse without a single update. This past week however I am starting a new interactive webcomic called ANYTHING COMICS! Readers can submit their own ideas for things to appear in the comic (for now these ideas are mainly going to be submitted via comments on the Anything Comics Facebook page). It's a fun new idea that you can actually help support for only $1 per month over at Patreon.

As for it was always be a giant, freely-trawled warehouse full of all the other things I've worked on since 1998, including games, free fonts, Rock-Paper-Scissors variants, electronic music, and of course lots of other comic strips!


This is the final PACKRAT COMIC, but don't despair, there is a brand new DAILY webcomic I'm preparing to launch soon! Stay tuned...


This update will be good news for RAB fans.... the RETARDED ANIMAL BABIES DVD is once again available right here on!


Here's the first PACKRAT COMIC of 2015!