Roland JX-3P with PG-200 Controller




This is one warm, fat analog synth which is extremely under-appreciated in the market. I'd recommend this keyboard first to anyone looking to spend under $300 on a true analog from the '80s! True it's hard to tweak with its lack of knobs and sliders, but with the addition of the PG-200 controller, you've got everything you need for analog la-la land.

Now, I'd seen this board in 1984 but instead opted for a Juno-106, since the JX-3P only has half as many sounds (32 user, 32 preset). But this is analog, whereas the Juno-106 is a thinner taste of digital. Plus, there's additional stuff going on here...a rudimentary sequencer, sync modulation, and a random LFO generator which were all '80s synth staples missing from the Juno. The only thing my Juno has that the JX-3P doesn't is portamento, so the trade-off is pretty close and both boards get four stars in my book.

The sound sample is part of a bassline from an old "Zebra" tune...although no one's really gonna remember Zebra I bet (probably just as well).

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Copyright 2005 David C. Lovelace