Customsynth Roland JX-3PG



UPDATE 5/25/2008: Jeff Toman of has been designing & redesigning synths of incredible fashion for a few years now, and we have come to have a great online rapport. I'm a huge fan of his work, and he digs my Packrat cartoons (as his site might indicate), so we keep making stuff for each other! In mid-2007 this custom mod of a JX-3P arrived from the UK, a bit damaged from shipment. Due to a complicated series of logistics that aren't particularly interesting, the board was buried in my friend Randel's shed for almost a whole year, waiting for some repair work. He did a very fine job bringing it back to showroom condition, so I've finally for it back in the studio, ready for recording vintage '80s doodads.

Housed inside an incredibly chunky wooden cabinet with inch-thick end caps, the perfectly-dubbed JX-3PG houses a hard-to-find PG-200 controller inside a standard JX-3P body. It's a perfect alternative to using two separate units connected with a cable. Once upon a time, when I owned a standard JX-3P rig like this, the PG-200, attached to the outside of the board with cheap magnets, would consistently slide off the surface & I'd discover it the next morning dangling by its rare, impossible-to-replace cable. I was pretty fed up with it when Jeff offered to sell me this one-of-a-kind creation (one of his first synth mods!).

He even screened the Packrat & my signature just underneath the keybed, making it that much cooler (for me, anyway). This is a beautiful analog workstation that I'll treasure forever!

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