Roland Jupiter-8




I've actually got two of these amazing, legendary monsters as I write this. UPDATE 5/9/05: I traded my second Jupiter-8 for a very rare Memorymoog Plus, which was itself later sold to my producer buddy.

UPDATE 9/20/05: Sold the other one, also, thanks to the apparent pervasiveness of these pages on teh internets. Didn't really want to do it; felt I...owed it to the board letting it go to someone who'd actually use it more.

This board definitely lives up to its legend, although in my opinion not 100% as such when considering the $3000-$4000 price tag routinely associated with a good-condition Jupiter-8 (and thus the half-star deduction!). Nah, if I were you, I'd definitely buy a decent OB-Xa and probably still have enough left over for a Triton LE.

The JP-8 is definitely magnificent to behold with both eyes AND ears. The colorful switches and buttons are every bit as flavorful as the rich, analog spectrum available at your fingertips.

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