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I recently joined a funk band with Lee-Ann called Funk Brokers, Inc. If you're in the CT/MA area, do me a favor and write me in as Best Keyboardist (if you're not local, it's OK, just don't fill in a zip code) in the Hartford Advocate's nomination poll for this year's "Grand Band Slam." It's a local competition for bands & musicians... those who are recognized get a couple of sweet gigs in the Hartford area, and a little more credibility to add to their resumes. Thanks!


Updating the page from Seattle today, on my big road trip to Vegas to get married! Thanks to you guys, I was nominated for Best Keyboardist in Connecticut's Hartford Advocate. Now it's time to go VOTE FOR ME! Let this tiny little state know what you think of my blistering synth magic. And don't forget to vote for my wife-to-be, Lee-Ann Zarrella, as best vocalist, and Funk Brokers, Inc. in their categories as well! Thanks for all the support!