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In an effort to scrape together some much-needed money for Cup O' Noodles, frozen burritos, and bottled water to survive in this jobless wilderness, I've started back up my LEGO parts shop on Bricklink.com: DAVE'S LEGO SPACE! Granted, the odds are slim that random umop.com visitors would be interested in purchasing anything there, but I am also interested in buying your LEGO for parted-out resale, especially if it's very clean, is from the '70s, '80s, and early '90s, and there are instruction manuals or even boxes included. Click the hamster below if you've got the goods I'm looking for!


The day has come at last! RETARDED ANIMAL BABIES 21 HAS ARRIVED AT LAST! This one gets pretty rancid every so often, so it's not safe to watch at work, or in public, or even in your closet with all the lights turned off, etc. Also starring a lot of guys from WCCC!