It's not a hero, it's
Badass interactive laffs for Farkers

This panel has been brought to you by Magpie, Timothy, Porkgod, SteelBoots, Omegaquila, HPZ, Jebediah, JonathanChance, and Squitchy:

Farkman should have a Fortress of "Solid, Dude!"--Timothy

Worst flash ever! --Porkgod

Domo-kun should yell incoherently in Japanese... perhaps "Anata wa baka! Shi ne!" to satisfy fanboys and fangirls of both Japanese and Domo-kun. --Omegaquila

I think that this emotional event should lead Farkman to discover the first of his super powers. --Squitchy

Farkman should get blind, stinking, staggering, falling-down drunk in the next panel. --JonathanChance

Pretty damned funny. Definitely needs more bobbies, though. --HPZ

I like the idea of Wil Wheaton as the evil mastermind... --SteelBoots

Nutsack somebody else's kidnapped sidekick.--Jebediah

How about in the next strip...finds Wil Wheaton being mauled by a penguin holding a viola. --Magpie

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Copyright 2002 Parallax and David C. Lovelace