The Grim Reaper, an alien, and a duck with horns. Destined for greatness? Not exactly!

I actually made 24 episodes of this weird strip while out of work a few months in 1997, and submitted them all to the giant, godless syndicates. It took them a record three months to get back to me with rejection, as opposed to the three weeks it took for them to summarily flush Barfman! Speaking of which, the duck character was originally a character in Barfman, but in episodes never printed. They weren't any good, so they're not scanned, either! Bleah!

He is also identical in every way except the horns to the duck characters in dux, another failed attempt at syndication. I guess it just wasn't in the cards for this character!

Episode 1 -- A large, painted version of this is at Eli Cannon's, Middletown, CT
Episode 2 -- Introductions
Episode 3 -- Death isn't a verb, it's a noun. Oh, well
Episode 4 -- Semantics
Episode 5 -- Look at you!
Episode 6 -- Twisted
Episode 7 -- Confusing intro of the alien character
Episode 8 -- The central point of Nothing
Episode 9 -- Not alive
Episode 10 -- Mass appeal!
Episode 11 -- Vast mental powers
Episode 12 -- "That's not my cheese!"
Episode 13 -- Another toon, another Volkswagen!
Episode 14 -- 893 in a 35
Episode 15 -- Nobody's perfect
Episode 16 -- Smiling in traffic court
Episode 17 -- You are all just cartoons!
Episode 18 -- A warped creator
Episode 19 -- You have no memories.
Episode 20 -- No motivation...
Episode 21 -- Wagon country
Episode 22 -- The immature weanis
Episode 23 -- Do anything!
Episode 24 -- Be funny!!

Copyright 1997 David C. Lovelace