Stinky Kitty is a strip I submitted in September, 2002 to seven major cartoon syndicates. I've already heard back from three of them, but since I didn't include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with my package, I may never hear anything at all from the rest. I figure if they like it, they'll just call me up. Anything they'd mail me would be a rejection letter anyway, right?

Week 1, Episode 3

Cat's in the cradle with the stinky breath.

Week 2, Episode 1

A statement denouncing the potential deliciousness of horsemeats.

Week 3, Episode 5

Watch in ambivalence as I attempt to be funny and cute simultanously. Then laugh with comtempt for me, since this is actually what I want to do for a living.

Week 4, Episode 2

Taking an everyday thing (like giving your pet a bath) and vaudevillizing it is also part of the job.

Copyright 2002 David C. Lovelace