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Ten years ago today I uploaded the first Retarded Animal Babies movie to Newgrounds.com! Since I still have no new episodes to share (although I'll never say die!), I decided to answer the call of thousands of fans, and finally upload RETARDED ANIMAL BABIES 9 to Newgrounds! Since 2004, RAB9 was a DVD-exlusive episode on 'Every Little Something By Dave," and later also available on the 2006 "Retarded Animal Babies, the Definitive Collection" DVD (no longer all that definitive, since eight more episodes have come out since then). But DVD sales have pretty much run their course, and after all this time, why the hell not upload RAB9. As for RAB16, the other DVD-exclusive episode... that'll remain offline for now. Gotta give the DVD owners something to have for themselves!


The latest PACKRAT COMIC addresses the issue of whether or not working with limitless gear can still somehow limit your creativity.