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This month's PACKRAT COMIC puts the "numb" in "numbers."


The Packrat has a new book out! Go get yourself a copy of THE PACKRAT SAMPLER today! This book has seven years of Keyboard Magazine comics in it (minus a few years spent on hiatus), plus a big 12-page bonus adventure unseen elsewhere. I'll be offering reduced-price signed editions while I can, so don't wait on this one.


The blog post today on MATRIXSYNTH goes down as one of the best, nicest articles written about me ever, let alone the Packrat book. It is an absolute must-check-out! It plugged the book so well that the signed, numbered 1st editions are sold out! We're into the second run now. They are identical to the first edition in every way except the price tag and the "xx/100" numbering on the front page. You can even get yours signed for a couple measley extra bucks. :o)