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Hey! So there's a brand new social networking site out there called ZURKER. I just signed up yesterday. I like it better than Facebook... there's no ads or spam. If you want to connect with me, click the big green "Z" over there. Once you sign up, drop me a line & let me know I referred you from umop...


At some point in the past week or so, while I wasn't looking, umop.com got checked out by VISITOR 1,000,000 since its birth in early 1999! Unfortunately, it's approximate, based on the fact that I was only able to estimate the first 10,000 views, before I got that little pagecounter thingy down on the bottom of the page in 2002. Still, it's an (approximately) incredible feat for a private art site by some shlub who got lucky with a couple of his animations. Thanks to everyone for visiting & especially those who have supported the work along the way!


Despite the whole time-traveling plotline finally being done, this month's PACKRAT is nevertheless stuck in the past.