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Hey! Would you like to see a BRAND NEW RETARDED ANIMAL BABIES film? Well, tough muffins... this one's from 2006. BUT! I doubt you have seen ENGADGET ANIMAL BABIES; it was made for an Engadget reader meet-up back then. Only a few people got to see it projected on the wall of the hotel bar we all nerded around in that night. It would have been a Special Feature on a 2nd RAB DVD, but that project got temporarily (permanently) scrapped due to lack of funding and/or anyone particularly giving a crap!


Would you like to be able to purchase a LEGO SET designed by me? Well, first you and 9,999 other people have to support it over at LEGO CUUSOO. It's a giant, 500-piece Space Station designed to evoke the "Classic Space" look of 1978-1980, when the world was basically a better place all around. Go check it out and click "SUPPORT!"


THE PACKRAT gets a massive time-traveling analog boost at a notable 1985 synth concert. Where will he end up next?


Just added a very long-overdue update on Myrtle, my 1998 Pathfinder truck, in the far-too-large CAR HISTORY. It details an 8,800-mile road trip now famous to our friends and family members, along with a few pictures from the trek. For being such a bomber, Myrtle is the bomb!