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Here's a new synth-stuffed YOUTUBE VIDEO featuring an interesting studio performance of "Umlaut" off the Parallax CD - Visit the Entropics!


This week my MOTHER IN LOL has a severe, bloated hunchback reaction after quitting her meds. All this and a dog eating a vacuum cleaner too! What more can you ask for from the internet?


What happens when the PACKRAT amplifies his time-traveling keytar with a spherical array of 61 speakers? COMEDY GOLD THAT'S WHAT


Check your concept of time and space at the door while you're watching what happens to my MOTHER IN LOL when she samples the dark magic of a brain-badgering brownie.


In the final episode of MOTHER IN LOL, Mary Jane evokes the spirit of Highlander, Star Trek, and Star Wars in an epic barroom swordfight with a very loud guitar player. Don't miss this one!