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Check out MOTHER IN LOL Episode 1! It's a new web series starring my dear sweet Mother In LOL, Mary Jane. In this installment, she gives a Happy Birthday message to her niece while trying to track down a birthday present around the house. Her good intentions hurtfully outweigh her resources, unfortunately...


Hola and happy summer! Check out the July, 2011 episode of THE PACKRAT!


Here's another crazy installment of MOTHER IN LOL, complete with a new animated musical intro!


Fifteen years ago I made tons of animations for a little-known game by Sierra called Stay Tooned. Here's one of the more fun mini-toons I made for the game, featuring "Magic Death Robot" KILLTRON!


This week's installment of MOTHER IN LOL is called "Cthulhu Fhtagn and Taxes." Fans of either Chtulhu or taxes should find something enjoyable here.


In this episode of MOTHER IN LOL, Mary Jane chases around the house after I leave all the cabinet drawers & doors open everywhere. LEGO HAMSTER makes a return appearance!