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Here's Keyboard Magazine's June, 2011 installment of the PACKRAT!


Hey folks! Keyboard Magazine's Stephen Fortner is the best editor anyone could ever work for. He's been very supportive of my provided gear reviews (of which there shall be more!) and Packrat comics. Now he has just set up this primer/archive page for readers new to the current "Time Traveling Keytar" storyline. Very cool, thanks Stephen!


Every year I design artwork for the most disgusting products on Earth, period. It is a crowning achievement. They are boutique audio monstrosities for a rogue Northern CA company called Metasonix. They are designed for bad musicians with deep pockets, but are occasionally used by celebrities like Trent Reznor.

This year Eric Barbour (the mad scientist of Metasonix) has positively outdone himself with the TX-3 iC*nt, featuring possibly the most foul panel artwork yet. The artwork in the manual is equally impressive in its level of bad taste, but I'll wait a bit before hosting any of that on umop.com, so I can grant exclusive awareness for a little while to the lucky 100 owners of the device. For now, Barry Wood of OtherRoom.com features a terrific tease-tastic TX-3 entry on this year's 2011 NAMM Oddities "You Figure It Out" page. It shows the full panel art with vomit-churning chutzpah.