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I know idle visitors might be wistful for a fanciful past time when there'd be umop.com updates at least 2-3 times per week, and sometimes every day. Lately they've been limited primarily to posting the latest monthly PACKRAT COMIC (such as today's!). This month's excuse is a very, very good one though, so stay tuned as things unfold. I'm working on a certain bit of animation that 99.23% of you guys might be interested in.


It's a rare thing indeed when I actually upload a new personal PHOTO, but I just had to share. From time to time I'll pick up cool spare parts for my Lego shop & I was able to put together a likeness of myself in all my stupendously nerderific plastic glory.


Enjoy this tantalizing new YOUTUBE VIDEO full of amazing synthesizers, accompanied by a dandy Parallax song. Filmed at AHNE2011.


I'm happy to announce today's upload of RETARDED ANIMAL BABIES 23!! Our gang gets into a bit of trouble with their new pal, Black Panther, while the Puppy is off living in a loveless marriage, dodging bastard baby poop flingings, and working in painful irony at a condom factory as a taste-tester. Does he crack under the pressure?