UPDATES FROM August 2010 (View Update Archives)


Just spent all day updating my PARALLAX pages on umop.com. There are now five new pages for each of my five track collections / albums (both released and unreleased), where I'll be periodically uploading FULL Mp3 tracks for free download! Go check it out, I think it call came together very nicely...


My upcoming Keyboard Magazine review of the Moog Taurus 3 Bass Pedals isn't coming out until October, but you can watch my YOUTUBE VIDEO review of it right now!


Here's an online version of my KEYBOARD MAGAZINE REVIEW for August, 2010: a gear review of the Jamhub. It's a cool little rehearsal mixer, good for band practices where everyone needs their own personal mix.


They're few and far between these days, but I do still create the occasional graphic for WCCC (a local Hartford, CT based rock radio station). Here's a link to their new Morning Show where you can check out a little something I whipped up for it.


Brand new PACKRAT COMIC today celebrating the awesomeness of the Nord Lead Anniversary. I'll temporarily stick it on the homepage too for a little while, partly because I miss the way the page looked with those semi-daily Hamsterdunce comics, back when there was time for that kind of thing.... :-(


Oh, by the way, here's a fun little flick called RETARDED ANIMAL BABIES 22.


Today I added a new synth-filled song to my PARALLAX FACEBOOK PAGE Music Player called "The Gauntlet 1.1 - The First Wave." It is also accessible right here on umop.com buried neatly into the Discography page for an unreleased, net-only collection, SOMETIMES Y.