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Due to the great popularity my 1980s Keyboard Solo medley has had over the years, and also after having so much fun playing "Enter Sandman" with Driven last night, I've decided it might be fun to arrange & record a 1980s GUITAR SOLO MEDLEY (performed on the Axistron of course!) for YouTube in the not-to-distant future.

I'm looking for ideas from you guys! Add your suggestion(s) for THE PERFECT '80s GUITAR SOLO in the umop.com Facebook comments right here, and I'll see if I can work it in!


Here's a YOUTUBE VIDEO performance of "Ryu" off my album Visit the Entropics.


I'm pleased to announce that brand new monthly PACKRAT COMICS will be created for Keyboard Magazine, starting with this special half-page comic for their August, 2010 edition.


Here's a quick YOUTUBE VIDEO demonstrating my friend's Moog Memorymoog synthesizer in typical noodle-fingered style!


I'm making web banner graphics for SIDSONIC LIBRARIES and I figured I'd post a teaser image.


Here's the long-overdue PARALLAX FACEBOOK PAGE! Head over there for tidbits & some exclusive photos. More to come.


Here's a YOUTUBE VIDEO (shot by Michael Lawson of Local Band Review) of my classic ole 1980s Keyboard Solo Medley. Up until now this medley was only digestible as an older YouTube video shot by myself using the hiccuping A/V capabilities of a cheap digital still camera. Thanks to Mike you can now watch it with much better sound and video quality, with the added perk of the Axistron being used throughout the performance, and a crazy new twist to the ending!


Another quick YOUTUBE VIDEO filmed by Local Band Review the other day. This one is a live performance of Hg, a fun little track off umop apisdn.