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My online friend & synth modifying genius, Jeff Toman of Customsynth, fell ill last week, so I made a PACKRAT "Get Well" card for him recently. Here is a blogpost on Matrixsynth all about Jeff, the card, and comments from his adoring fans.

As you may know, Jeff created my Roland JX-3PG, painted my Roland JD-800 (a.k.a. "Gandalf the White"), and just finished my Tron-themed Roland Axis-1 keytar (a.k.a. "The Axistron"). He has created custom keyboards, keytars, and modular synths for a slew of very cool people, including the Chemical Brothers.


Speaking of Jeff, I added a page on umop.com (found via my GEAR PAGE) for my newly-modded, out-of-this-world Roland Axis-1 keytar he helped to create: THE AXISTRON.


Hello umoppers!

It's that time of year again where I whore myself (and my wife & friends) out for some hot voting action for the Hartford Advocate Grand Band Slam. This year, the nomination and voting processes have been glommed Voltron-style into one process: winners will be determined by WRITE-IN AMOUNTS only.

Wanna help? GO HERE, enter your name and email address, and the security code shown, and then select "click for voting" write in all your nominations.

Please consider these nominations for the various categories, if you need some good advice. ;-)

Best Band --> Driven
Best Blues --> Bad Rooster
Best Cover Band ---> Funk Brokers, Inc.
Best Instrumentalist --> Dave Lovelace (Keyboards) - Driven
Best New Band ---> Fatgrip
Best Reggae ---> Boxx Of Roxx
Best Other ---> Rubber City
Best Rock --> Driven
Best Singer/Songwriter ---> Lee-Ann Lovelace

Thanks everyone for your help!!


Yay! Finally a YOUTUBE VIDEO for a track off my Parallax album "Visit the Entropics!"

Poor audio quality (explody bass kills the camcorder), but fun stuff to look at anyway. Here's a live performance of the fat-assed track "Umlaut." Most of the song features my new Axistron, a custom red-keyed Roland Axis-1 artifact done up with electroluminescent wire in the style of a certain '80s movie (incidentally being projected behind me).

This performance took place at a hot & sweaty bashment in Buffalo, NY June 25, 2010 celebrating Divine Machine's new release "Eclectro," a great electronica project worth checking out. I was lucky to perform immediately following DM and was in analog bliss all night long!