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POTSI from the UK wins another RAB DVD today! Here is his great (and a little disturbing) fan art submission. I think I might have noe more DVD here to give away if you think you can draw something worthy of it this week!


I've added a fourth musical venture to my towering glut of band projects: DRIVEN. I'll be providing keyboard noodlings for this popular CT party band, alongside my friend Chris LoPresti, a talented guitarist, friend, and co-founder of a slew of other bands I've been involved with. It's a truly frightening amount, actually: Burn (1999), Meltdown (2000), CO2 (2001-2004; still around but with almost totally different members), Pong (2005-2007), and even helped put together my current '80s band Plastica!


Hey! Looky! A RETARDED ANIMAL BABIES film! WTF! Yessir, all the RAB characters have roles (or at least cameos) in this new animated short film, made for Sidsonic Libraries to promote their new "Tubes!" music library. It models Metasonix gear, stuff which the RAB characters have graphically "graced" in the past & are therefore apt spokespersons.