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Here's a dandy couchbound YOUTUBE VIDEO featuring Lee-Ann and I, along with Cameron, our big-tongued red-nosed pit bull. This is probably the least impressive musicianship, but in our defense, Cam was a bit distracting.


Shows how behind the times I am... apparently Twitter's Flash-based widget has been disabled for a good few months... I just figured it was a slow load on my page here... sorry! I've replaced it with a fancy JAVA-based widget today! Be sure to follow my Twits and get all the umop.com skinny! Something cool is coming to umop.com soon and now you can be sure to be among the first to know when it happens!


Today, thanks to some very handy PHP coding by Eric Tully, something very cool has come to umop.com! Now you can add COMMENTS to each and every update!! If you have a Facebook account (who doesn't these days) and tie it to umop.com, you'll always be logged in here, too! Go on, give it a try!

By the way, today is the SEVENTH BIRTHDAY of Retarded Animal Babies, and I marked the occasion with a fairly long RAB-related post over on Newgrounds. Thanks again for watching RAB!



I've decided to make this whole month the official umop.com FAN APPRECIATION MONTH! Every April, from now on, unless I forget (heh), I'll be giving away a FREE RAB DVD (not suitable for audiences under 17, or pretty much anyone else with any taste) every single week, starting RIGHT NOW! OK, so I'm ten days late for April. Maybe I'll extend it into May this time around.

HERE'Z WHAT YA DO! SEND ME FAN ART via Email! I'll post the finest example of the week right here on umop.com, announcing the winner. Keep checking back often to see who gets picked! Here are some guidelines to insure you will get a free DVD:

1) BE AWESOME! I'll be able to tell if you just crapped it out. With your butt. Get colorful, imaginative, and all-around bonkers.

2) Email your art to me by clicking on the cute floating-envelope Hamster graphic down at the bottom of this page, making sure to attach your drawing file (1 MB size limit; JPG or PNG files preferred). Include your name, mailing address, web link (if you have one), and a $1000 handling fee via Paypal. Just kidding.

3) I especially appreciate it when people dig on some of my other stuff besides RAB, so non-RAB related fan art MIGHT get some special attention. That's not to say that you won't totally win if you spend an obscene amount of time on your Donkey drawing and it kicks everyone else's ass!

4) I know my stuff can be really rude & not work- or family-friendly, but qualified fan art will have NO NUDITY, NO PROFANITY, and absolutely NO BUTTSECKS.

5) You are welcome to post a link to your art hosted elsewhere online in these fancy new umop.com Facebook comments, but it won't affect my decision, you whore.

6) I promise not to be a dick and steal your art in any way, unless you want me to. That said, don't have any hangups on letting me post your precious artwork on my page for all to see. This probably never applies to anyone cool enough to even be on umop.com, but who knows.

That's it! Good luck to all the entrants & thanks again for being the coolest fans of not only my wretched, underground animation, but also my games, art, music, fonts, hair, and even what I ate for breakfast!


Here's this week's winner of a FREE RAB DVD! Congratulations to kade_zero!

Think you can do better? Email me your best drawing & I'll pick you next week!


Yesterday I attended my fifth Analog Heaven Northeast event... a way for synth-luvvin' freaks to get together with their favorite gear and try everything out first hand. This year it took place at the very cool 119 Gallery in Lowell, MA. Check out my new YOUTUBE VIDEO for a "flyby" of the whole room. Enviable amounts of sultry synthesizers & modular systems, all pulsating within a churning din of a million bleeps & bloops filling the gallery.