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I've recently become affiliated with GamblingPlanet.org. Go check out some cool online games!


I think the last episode of Hamsterdunce is strong enough to put a cap on the series for a while. I need to concentrate my efforts on finding a real job (I'm absolutely broke) & working on a fun music project on the side, time & finger blisters permitting.

I'm starting to realize that greatness doesn't just happen on its own, nor does it happen with nothing but a sheer volume of output. Prolificness does not equal notability. I am still on a quest to discover true artistic meaning in something I have done, since I don't think I've ever even remotely come close. With your support (as opposed to nagging, and there is a big difference!), I'll get there!

And no, I have a growing feeling that artistic meaning won't be coming from animated puppy ballsacks too much more, either. But I've learned to never say never, and so I shan't.


I stumbled upon a great 30-minute documentary called "AFOL - A Blocumentary" today. As you know I spend some of my free time trading Lego parts from my childhood in a little Lego shop online called "Dave's Brick Space," and from my experience doing this, I recognized a lot of names of people and other Lego shops in this video! It's really well shot and features plenty of pause-worthy Lego creations!


I'm going to be neck-deep in work over the new couple of weeks working on a RETARDED ANIMAL BABIES viral video for a cool German music company, so I figured I'd post a quick YOUTUBE VIDEO before disappearing behind my graphics tablet again. It's a synthy performance of "Circumfusion," a song readily available on one of my Parallax albums.