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Say hey, y'all... don't even think I don't realize that it's been Christmas since I added any mentionable content here at the mighty umop.com! Basically, what you see is what you get... Today I made an epic EIGHTIETH Hamsterdunce comic, and added another few thousand pieces to my Bricklink shop which is basically a weird way of selling off childhood toys to pay off income & property taxes while sailing through this unemployed stretch of frigid wintertime doldrums.

I also fully realize that 95% of my visitors are still coming here from all the various Retarded Animal Babies flicks out there... and don't give a single crap about anything I say unless it has something to do with when the next one (what am I on now? 22?) will come out. Time and time again I answer emails from RAB fans asking when, when when will RAB22 some out. Well I do have a script (kinda), and an occasional free hour here and there to work on it (sorta), but it doesn't exactly pay the mortgage and my time is really needed on grownup stuff. Rest assured I'll get around to it, but for every fan waiting for another flick, there are becoming more and more EX-FANS that would like to see something different. I really do love drawing these characters (Hamster in particular, hence the webcomic), so there's definitely going to be SOMETHING to see in the years ahead. Just be patient with me & thanks for all the support.