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(09/09/09!) My good friend Michael Picozzi has left the Afternoon Show on Hartford's rock station 106.9 WCCC to work the Morning Show. It's called the Morning Show with Picozzi, Mary & Holden, and I created a little animated GIF for their webpage. Haven't done anything for the station in quite a while; I used to make semi-regular advertisement comics for them until the budget started thinning out (times really are tough all over).


Come one, come all to the HAUNTED '80s PROM!

My crazy-ass 1980s New Wave & Hair Metal tribute band PLASTICA is helping me and my new wife (and PLASTICA singer) Lee-Ann celebrate with a giant, blowout Halloweeny bash at Players II Bar & Grille in Plymouth (Terryville), CT, on Saturday, October 17th. If you happen to be a local 'round these parts, want to put on a crazy costume (1980s, formal wear, zombie blood, mohawk, spewing pyrotechnics, donkey masks, etc. suggested but not required), and have an extra ten bucks lying around, then mark your calendar & get your morbidly nostalgic out that night!.


Haven't made a new YOUTUBE VIDEO in quite some time, have I, whippersniffers? This one's called "Conflict" and is actually a remix of a tune my good friend and fellow PLASTICA band member Rob Robichaud wrote with me WAYYY back in 1992!


Something new today. We'll see how it goes.


Assuming this Hamsterdunce webcomic goes on for decades and decades to come, I have set up a dedicated site for it RIGHT HERE. You will also be able to go there by clicking the comic on the umop.com home page, which will always be the latest and (theoretically, assuming I actually improve every single day) greatest offering.