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My annual visit to AHNE yesterday was another amazing descent into a vast, twinkling pit of expensive synthesizers & other sonic oddities. I posted a 7-minute YOUTUBE VIDEO tour of the event, with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of incredible new & vintage analog gear I'll probably never own. Some of my own stuff was on display too!

More videos to come, over the next few days!


Here's a fantastically-produced VIMEO VIDEO from last week's AHNE gathering. It was created by my friend Matt Davidson, who developed Volta for MOTU, a fantastically-engineered bit of interface software for modular synthesizers. He's also a world-class photographer and videographer, as the video will aptly demonstrate.


Here's another quick demo filmed at last week's ANALOG HEAVEN gathering.... a dandy little 1-minute YOUTUBE VIDEO showing off a vintage ARP 2600 synthesizer. This one was a blast to mess around with.


Have you ever dreamed of playing a synthesizer using nothing but hexagons? Well that's what I got to do at the ANALOG HEAVEN gathering! Here's a cool YOUTUBE VIDEO of me using the incredibly cool C-Thru-Music Axis 64 MIDI controller. It's just crazy bonkers alien fun.


Unemployment shenanigans continue with this festering pile of obsequious awesomeness over yonder at YOUTUBE. I'm having a grand old time performing Mr. Roboto by Styx on my recently reclaimed birthright; a Lowrey organ (follow link and scroll all the way down to see info on it), circa 1978.