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If you are on TWITTER, I've decided to Twit my sh*t up for everyone. Follow me & learn about my daily struggle with RAB21 progress (it is progressing, I assure you!), what I ate for lunch, what color my poop is, etc.


RAB gets a sixth birthday present today with this cool PHOTO of Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) having a recent, 40-minute interview on Digg.com with lots of Metasonix products shown, including the bright yellow G-1000 Fu**ing Fu**er amplifier (resting on top of a massive pile of analog synthesizers!) that I decorated with lots of gratuitous artwork featuring Puppy! You can also see the TM-7 Scrotum Smasher in the bottom-right corner of a rack of Metasonix boxes, right behind the interviewer for pretty much the entire video. It's even switched on, with its little green light shining and waiting to audibly crapulate. Badass.

This really puts things in perspective for me... I mean, I had known all along that Trent & many other amazing musicians used Metasonix gear with my RAB characters plastered all over it. But this just makes the whole thing so goddamned visceral.


Haven't had any updates on umop.com for awhile... RETARDED ANIMAL BABIES 21, along with another animated feature which you will hopefully see very soon (for a high profile client), have both been keeping me very busy. For more up-to-date, semi-daily (perhaps even hourly) updates on how things are going, be sure to follow my Twitter!