UPDATES FROM March 2009 (View Update Archives)


March has been a quiet month so far, but interesting things are brewing. In the meantime, here is an updated picture of the studio... it's rare that all my synths are actually in one place, so I figured I'd snap a picture of it all while I had the chance.


Here's a spiffy BEACH ANIMATION I did at work yesterday. The waves are a 16-step animation at roughly 15 FPS, so it's just a one-second loop, but I thought it came out pretty nice & figured umop.com visitors might like to see what my day job occasionally entails.


Long, long time coming for this update: CAR #14 was added to the HISTORY OF MY CARS. Don't worry, I didn't sell the Corvette. It's just a winter ride (and still my daily driver, actually) that I picked up back in November, but I have (until today) neglected to add it to my ever-growing roster of crashy-crash.


Do you dig RPS-101, my 101-gesture variation of Rock-Paper-Scissors? Well I've got something you MUST check out! Entrepreneurial Flash & Silverlight developer Plexipixel, a ragtag bunch of brilliant Seattle-dwelling geniuses, has developed an awesome interactive Facebook app called RoshamBOOM! In it, you can challenge Facebook buddies to a match, select which gesture to throw, and publish the results on your Wall. It's got a match history page & even a leader board roster. You've gotta try it!