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Here's another YOUTUBE VIDEO for prog rock fans' brain rubbin's. "Funhouse" is a nice little off-time synth-guitar jam that you can handily find on my album "umop apisdn" (go git a copy! $4.95 cheap!).

I'll be uploading new videos every week this month, so keep checking back!


Today I wanted to post some props to my Valentine Lee-Ann Zarrella who is a very talented & busy local singer/performer here in Connecticut. She's performing every weekend in any of her FOUR BANDS, which are Funk Brokers, Inc. (an 8-piece blues/funk cover band that I'm seeing tonight at a swanky benefit in Hamden), Rubber City Blues Band (a massive 12-piece horn band!), Veloray (an original alternative/country rock project), and last & possibly most (starting in April-May): bitchin' '80s cover band PLASTICA (which I incidentally play synthy goodness in). Show her & all her bands some love!! I'm usually at most of her shows, drooling & getting plastered like the class act that I am, so come buy us both some shots sometime.


Here's this week's YOUTUBE VIDEO, which is a live performance of "The Leper.". It's one of the more popular tracks off my 1998 album "umop apisdn." This studio version was uploaded quite a while back, perhaps you remember it.


Today I uploaded a very special new YOUTUBE VIDEO! It's a live-action short film I made with Lee-Ann called "Lee-Ann Has a Snoring Problem." It's about a minute and a half long, features an original music score, and a whole lot of snoring. Keep an eye out for lots of self-shilling... I naturally had to plug RAB, Plastica, and Metasonix somewhere in there!


Here's one more YOUTUBE VIDEO, a studio performance of "Hexagon" off my 1998 Parallax album "umop apisdn." I really raided the vintage clown clothes closet for this one...