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Happy New Year! In the FUNHOUSE today is a little graphic prepared for a pinball game at my day job, featuring my old dux character. The coloring for this art was mostly provided by a local homeless person in exchange for five bucks and a can of Simonize.


It's January, which means there's a brand new METASONIX product out, once again featuring my RAB characters as product art! The KV-100 ASSBLASTER is Metasonix's twisted new way of audibly puking on your otherwise uninteresting audio signal with uniquely terrifying tube-driven effects, wrapped up in an unassuming grey plastic tackle box. To say the product page is entertainingly descriptive is a bit of an understatement, especially when the Assblaster is described to create a "foot-long fecal sandwich of audio penis."


Gonna be a long time before it comes out, but it's gonna happen. I promise. RETARDED ANIMAL BABIES 21 will exist someday. An idea is planned, and inspirational art is already rumbling around. Have patience & reserve judgement...


Here's some entertainingly tentacled FAN ART sent my way from Parallax fan Jared! Jared listens my pseudo-parody song "Devil Went Down to Jupiter" (YouTube video here) so much at work, he just couldn't resist depicting it artistically. Thanks man! Just don't get caught doodling on the job, unless you ever decide to do it for a living.


The RETARDED ANIMAL BABIES DVD has been reduced to only $12.00!

Go get your copy now at the Newgrounds DVD Shop!


Check out this delightful little game available at Widgetbox called BUNGI GOES TO CHEESULOID! Installable on your Facebook page and MySpace page (along with others), it features Bungi from my old Sci-Fi Guys Flash toons.


Daily updates every single day this week continue with a brand new YOUTUBE VIDEO! This one's a live ad-libbed jam called "Enceladus" that, despite drunken camera work, came out pretty cool. Check it out!