The people who recognize these characters no doubt saw them at CampChaos in my four-part Flash series there. They're these violent little any-characters that I kept doodling in the late-'90s, around the time my friend Carl was trying to get a bunch of art buddies to collaborate on a comic book. My assignment was seven pages of whatever the hell I wanted to draw. The book never got off the ground, since Carl and I were the only ones to produce anything for it.

I'm not really proud of this work, but Jot+Jab fans might be interested in seeing their roots, so here ya go. It's too metaphysical, the characters look like crap, but there's tons and tons of EFFORT put into this that may or may not garner its own merit. You decide.

JOT+JAB'S CREATION STORY: (7 pages), made in May, 1998:

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