Dude-Guy was a recurring character in Barfman. I was only 15 years old, and already making spin-off material! What a goober!

Dude Guy was a stick figure thing that I'd make when I was just plain too lazy to even draw something as complicated as Barfman. I remember how much my Dad actually loved Dude-Guy. To this day I still question his tastes because of this.

The history of Dude-Guy is as complicated as it is unnecessary for me to tell it. He showed up in a few of my old high school Barfman adventures as a bad guy (one episode is scanned and included below). Then in 1986, I got a "blank book" as a gift (basically a glorified sketchbook), and started filling it up with all kinds of weird creations that you'll never, ever see. By 1988 I drew what I considered a pretty amusing creation story for him in that book, and that's included below, too. Then in 1989-1990 he made some cameos in Barfman when it ran in UCONN's Daily Campus newspaper. These "Supplements" sort of acted as intermissions in the Barfman storyline, made as filler for when the editor needed an extra cartoon for bonus editions of the Campus. Three of these Supplements can be seen on the Barfman page.

Without further adieu, here he is...DUDE-GUY!

"Dude Guy Goes Driving"
Made in 1985

Blue ball-point pen! Dude-Guy driving a Volkswagen through a mysterious cave. It should be apparent by now to anyone that I had a thing for Volkswagens.

DUDE-GUY'S CREATION STORY: (6 pages), made in 1988:

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